Monday, June 29, 2009

a little bit of this, and a little bit of that

yes, my mind is a whir with all the crap going on -- i have to make myself avoid the news like the plague if i want to have a good day. but then there's this nagging sense of feeling the need to stay informed that always brings me back.

i started off this morning hearing about madoff's sentencing (one crook in jail, but what about all the rest?), billy mays' unfortunate accident, and the stupid cap and trade garbage. (at least those new haven firefighters won their case -- one bright spot indeed.)

how about a few political cartoons to lighten our mood, shall we?

(unfortunately this is too sad to be funny)

"i pledge that under my plan, no one making less than $250,000 a year will see any type of tax increase. not income tax, not capital gains tax, not any kind of tax." that was obama last year, during his campaign. now the administration is saying they won't rule out any possibilities, including taxing the middle class, as a way to pay for their new socialist health care plan.

(and please, before anyone comes back at me (here or in the future) with the old standby, liberal rebuttal of, "but george bush did this or this or this," save it. i'm not talking about george bush. i'm talking about our current president. let's stay focused, guys.)

and this cap and trade thing? help us, please. "the whole point of cap and trade is to hike up the price of electricity and gas so that americans will use less. these higher prices will show up not just in electricity bills and at the gas station but in every manufactured good, from food to cars. consumers will cut back on spending, which in turn will cut back on production, which results in fewer jobs created or higher unemployment . . . likely to be the biggest tax in american history." (from the wall street journal; thanks, jen, for turning me on to it.)

maybe it's just me, but i would rather not have the government trying to regulate what i can and can't buy or how many miles i can drive my car or whether i can run my air conditioning.

maybe you've seen this letter before, from a woman in arizona to our nation's leadership. if not, read it -- it's awesome! she is right on, and she says it better than i could.

ok, i feel better now. sometimes you just have to get it out, you know? sheesh.


Becca said...

I thought you would like that letter. I agree--it is awesome.

Elizabeth said...

You can be a liberal and a good Christian.Period. To state otherwise is such a blanket statement. Personal righteousness is that, personal.

I had lots of crazy Mom moments in the neighborhood park there. We chuckle over some of them still now. Love ya!